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Rocking Horse Baby Shower

Planning a rocking horse baby shower boy party? Then your world will be rocked a little after feasting on these pictures & drawing ideas for your own gathering!

So consider yourself forewarned, and prepare your heart to skip a beat. Now, direct your eyes on this elegant, and luxurious rocking horse baby shower fit for a newborn king!

This magazine ready baby shower was gorgeously and lovingly designed by White Door Events out of London.

Party Snippet From White Door Events

“Our favour table was adorned with even treats which included customised soap and note books with the baby’s initials, some adorable chocolate apple pops and most importantly an opportunity for the guests to connect with the unborn little prince himself. There would, afterall, be so much love and positive energy gathered there on the day that it seemed a shame not to capture it in some way. So, inspired by this, we wrote a little poem and had custom note cards made up so that the guests could leave their own mottos, pearls of wisdom, words and wishes for the little man himself.

Flowers on both tables helped to create a really beautiful and elegant finish. And million star gypsophelia balls added a whimsical feel to the favour table and we couldn’t resist having it oozing out of the drawers!

Of course outside, vintage style coffee tables and chairs provided guests with a place to enjoy cake and tea in amongst three foot blue helium balloons which were dotted around the garden. Then, once your eyes had made it past these mega balloons, a cookie tree was waiting to give guests their final sugar rush of the day. Also we tied a mixture of green tea, light blue and sky blue ribbons from all of the branches in the tree and finished waiting at the bottom were little round oval cookies for the kids to nibble on and pick.

…For my client, the gasps of amazement and dropping of jaws as guests entered her house and saw all the decorations for the first time was a sign that we achieved what we’d set out to do.”

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67 Great Titchfield Street

By appointment only. 

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