Rainbow Pumpkins Thanksgiving Party! | DIY Tutorial

Rainbow Thanksgiving Party

Imagine rainbow pumpkins at your next Thanksgiving party! When I think about all of the holiday parties that I enjoy the most, Thanksgiving is the first to come to mind.

There’s something about the idea of having your closest family, friends, neighbors, classmates or colleagues together under one roof, all stopping to pause and reflect on the blessings that we’ve been given that makes me happy!

That’s why this rainbow pumpkin Thanksgiving day party styled by Oh Happy Day had me clapping my hands and looking for some pumpkin pie!

For this project you’ll need

  • Small pumpkins
  • Medium size pumpkins
  • Gesso (Used to prepare the pumpkins for acrylic paint)
  • Rainbow colored acrylic paint in various shades of the same color (i.e. Medium, light and pastel shades of green)
  • Paint brush
  • Paper plate

rainbow pumpkins thanksgiving party

To begin, pour some gesso onto a disposable plate and cover each pumpkin with 1 to 2 coatings before applying any paint.  This will give your pumpkin centerpieces the best possible finished look.  Set them aside to dry.

Next, lay out all of the pumpkins on a table and decide how you want them to flow into each other, and what colors you would like them to be.

Then, pour your choices of acrylic paint onto some disposable plates.  Paint the bottom of each pumpkin first, and let them dry.

After they’ve dried, turn them over and paint the rest of the pumpkin. Set them aside to dry.

rainbow pumpkins thanksgiving party

Finally, when the pumpkins have dried cluster them together according to color, and watch the joyous holiday of a Thanksgiving dinner celebration become even more joy-filled! Just. Like. That.

rainbow pumpkins thanksgiving party

rainbow pumpkins thanksgiving party

rainbow pumpkins thanksgiving party

Don’t just limit these beautiful rainbow pumpkin centerpieces to the dining room table, you can also have them in the living room on a coffee table, or on the mantle of a fireplace.  Or you could use this rainbow Thanksgiving day party decoration idea for the kids table only.  Part of the beauty of hosting your own celebration is that it’s entirely your choice!

There, wasn’t that easier than you thought?  If you choose this stunning and joy-filled party for your next Thanksgiving Day party, let me know in the comments below!

But now that your table will be looking great, you may be wondering how to get yourself looking and feeling great for the party too.  If you have medium to long hair, we have a simple but elegant Kate Middleton Party Hairstyle tutorial here that might work perfectly if you’re either the host or the guest at Thanksgiving this year!

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