Youtiful™; Parties almost as beautiful as you!

     My name is Janelle, and I founded Youtiful™ because I love celebrating people. And I know you do too. That’s why you’re here. Before I began my blog I was a young, lead hospital chaplain. I used to help families celebrate a person’s life after it had concluded.

     Now, after beginning a young family of my own, I am focusing on helping people celebrate young lives that are just beginning. I never thought that I would ever have a baby shower held in my honor.  As an infertility patient, walking into my own baby shower after years of praying and fighting to have a child seemed like a distant dream. Now, thanks to God’s mercy and love, I’ve now been to three of my own baby showers! I never knew that I could cry that much from overwhelming joy.

     Since then, I’ve wanted to help other mothers feel the same euphoria when celebrating their children. Whether your child is still growing within you, or you’re planning their 8th birthday party. Or even if you’re hosting a Thanksgiving or Christmas party for your closest adult friends or family…thank you for turning to us and letting us be a part of your most special celebrations!  Because, people are worth celebrating!

     At Youtiful™ it’s all about YOU!  I feel like I already know you.  You’re either short on time, money, ideas or all of the above.  We have you in mind when we hand select each thoughtful post, tutorial and party ideas to bring to you.  We want you to concentrate on what really matters, celebrating people! Little people, big people, and everyone in-between. That’s why our blog’s motto is “No stress. Just bless.™”

     Thanks for reading all about us!  Now, we want to get to know all about you.  If you haven’t yet, join our newsletter where you can hit “reply” and tell us about you, and what party you’re getting ready for.  Thanks for being here!  You, your story and who you’re celebrating are all special reasons why we are here!