Easy Dessert Quick | Donut Cupcakes With Few Ingredients

Cupcake Donuts

easy dessert quick

For a fun, fast and satisfying treat to look at and to taste, you have to try making and serving cupcake “donuts” to your guests.  It’s simple, here’s how So Yummy does it.

Ingredients You Need

1 Box Cake/Cupcake Mix

Tin foil

Cupcake/Muffin Tin

Plastic Baggie

1 Can of Frosting



To begin, you’ll need a small, rectangular piece of tin foil that you’re going to be folding into small cylinders as shown in the top left hand corner of picture.

First, lay out your tin foil, and fold it in half horizontally.  Fold it in half horizontally a second time.

easy dessert quick

Next, turn your tin foil around, and roll it vertically until it’s a small, hollow sphere.

easy dessert quick

Repeat until you have enough to place one in each container of your muffin tin.

easy dessert quick

easy dessert quick

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Next, prepare your cake mix to make cupcakes and place your batter in a clear plastic, sealable bag.

Snip off a small corner of the bag with your scissors until you have a small hole.

easy dessert quick

Then, squeeze cake batter around each tin foil sphere until the batter is around 2/3 of the way to the top of the muffin container.

easy dessert quick

Bake, according to the directions on your cake mix.

easy dessert quick

After the cupcakes have cooled, remove the tin foil spheres.  You will have what appears to be a mini donut!

easy dessert quick

easy dessert quick

Open the container of frosting, scoop it out into a microwave safe bowl.  Microwave until it’s soft and slightly liquified.

Then dip the top of the cupcake donuts into the soft, slightly liquified frosting for a donut glazed look.

easy dessert quick

easy dessert quick

Now, just add sprinkles!

easy dessert quick

Finally, place your finished cupcake donuts on a decorative plate and serve to your guests for an easy, attractive treat!

easy dessert quick

Voila!  Easy, breezy cupcake donuts.

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Have time to watch the whole video from So Yummy?  Click below if you’d like.  This particular dessert tutorial begins at 1:08.

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