Baby Shower Makeup Tutorial For Mom-To-Be, Guest or Hostess!

Baby Shower Makeup

Baby shower makeup, whether you’re the guest or the Mom-to-be, can be a more soft, feminine and beautiful look than getting ready for other parties.

Whether you’re the new mom-to-be, the baby shower hostess, or a guest at the exciting event…no doubt you’re looking for ideas for the party!

Teni Panosian has a professional makeup tutorial for you to gain some expert ideas and how-to-tips for your baby shower makeup look.

Baby Shower Makeup Tutorial

To begin, apply your favorite face cream underneath your makeup to pamper your face with some moisture.

(Charlotte Tilbury Magic Cream)

Next, apply your favorite foundation, and blend it out with a brush for good coverage and flawless looking skin.

(Givenchy Long-Wearing Fluid Foundation in Elegant Honey mixed with EX1 Foundation in F300)

makeup for a baby shower

Then, add a highlighter in the usual spots, under the eyes in a triangular formation, around your mouth, down the bridge of your nose, and a little up your forehead.

(Givenchy Mister Light in 3)

Using your same foundation brush, go through and blend your highlighter all out.

how to apply makeup for a baby shower

Next, go in with some bronzer and warm up your face a little after your highlighter was applied. Start at the check bones, dust a little under your chin and if you like, you can also apply some bronzer along the top of your forehead by your hairline if this is a part of your contouring process.

(Too Faced Chocolate Soleil Bronzer)

Then, use your favorite setting powder to set the look, so far.  Apply a little bit under your eyes, nose, forehead and your chin.

(Cinema Secrets setting powder)

Next, add some blush to the apples of your cheeks.

(Charlotte Tilbury blush in First Love)

Baby Shower Makeup

For the next step, add a highlighter to your cheekbones and a little bit at the top sides of your forehead.

(Charlotte Tilbury Filmstar Bronze & Glow (only used highlighter) )

Then, add your favorite setting spray.

(Cinema Secrets Super Sealer setting spray)

Apply your favorite eye shadow all over your lid up to your crease. Then, go in with a fluffier brush and add a transition color to your crease. Also smooth out the lines from the first color applied to your lid.

(The Balm Nude ‘Tude Palette; Seductive & Sultry)

Baby Shower Makeup

You could then add an eyeliner to your look.  Here a thick and short line is added with lines that extend just slightly past the eyes on both sides for a subtle wing.

(Sigma Standout Eyes Gel Liner in Wicked)

Next, add your mascara of choice to the top and bottom of your lashes.  If you’re putting on false eye lashes, do this step first before applying mascara.

Then, put a dap of highlighter to your finger and apply it to the highest part of your lid; the center. This is going to catch the light and look stunningly beautiful.

(Charlotte Tilbury Filmstar Bronze & Glow – Highlighter only)

You can also fill in your eyebrows where they may be sparse to add some soft definition to them. Typically you choose a color that’s a shade darker than your natural eyebrows.

(Sigma Brow Powder Duo in Medium)

Next, you can add a lip liner around the outline of your lips to help give your lips a more full effect.

(Charlotte Tilbury lip liner in Iconic Nude)

Finally, complete your makeup with your favorite gloss!

(L’oreal gloss in Nude Ballet)

And now you’re ready for the baby shower.  Picture perfect and flawless!

If you’d like to watch the baby shower makeup tutorial above, just click on the video below that I’ve included here.

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