20 Baby Shower Games – Videos Included!

Baby Shower Games

Baby Shower Games

Baby Shower Games

You’re either hosting or have been invited to a baby shower, and it’s time for baby shower games.  If you’re like me, you fall into one of two camps.  You either love them, and are the first one to get in the game, or you’d rather sit out and observe.

We know that you’re busy and short on time, so we’ve rounded up some games for you to make it easier to find some that may be perfect for your venue.

We’ll be frequently updating and adding to these games so make sure and bookmark this page and come back often for more ideas!

We present to you, the complete guide to baby shower games!

What’s In The Diaper

Whats in the diaper baby shower games

Photo Credit: Cityline

While this game may be a little on the less appetizing side, a lot of people opt to have this at their baby shower, and the laughs are just about guaranteed.

To play, before the guests arrive well known food is put inside the diaper such as baby food, chocolate or caramel pudding, smashed up candy bars like Snickers, Almond Joy, Ruth, Rolos, Kit Kat, Twix, etc.

Now, fold up the diapers and and give paper and pencils for each guest to secretly write down what is in each of the diaper.

Guests can smell, touch and yes, even taste the diaper “samples” before recording their guess.  The guest with the most correct answers win a prize!


Guess What’s In The Bag

Guess what is in the bag

Photo Credit: Cityline

For this game, decorate a paper bag with some sticker embellishments, or however you choose, and hide a well known baby item inside each bag.

Give each guest a piece of paper and a pencil and have each guest hold, shake, feel the secret item inside the bag.  But, no cheating!  Nobody gets to open the bag for a peak.  No matter how stumped you may or may not be.

The person with the most amount of correct answers win!

Whats in the bag

Photo Credit: Cityline

Ideas of items that you can put inside the bag include a pacifier, baby toothbrush, baby hairbrush, small plush, rattle, teething ring, tube a diaper cream, thermometer, rubber duck, etc.  Your imagination and creativity is the limit!


Dunking For Bottle Nipples

Baby Shower Game

Photos Credit: Cityline

Next up is a game called dunking for nipples.  And to play you fill up a plastic tub with water, and place some baby bottle nipples in the water.

Your guests can put their hands behind their backs and dunk for as many nipples as they can get out of the water in 1 minute.

(In our opinion, you may opt to sanitize each bottle top before replacing them back in the water for another player.)


Baby Shower Taboo Game

Baby Shower Taboo Game

Photo Credit: Cityline

For this game, the player is supposed to say a specific word at the top of a card.  But the person trying to get the player to say the correct word has a list of words he or she cannot say when trying to get the player to say the given word.

Choose two people to compete against each other to see how many words they can guess correctly. Or just pick one person to see how many words they can guess correctly within 1 minute and compare their score with another player.

Give a squeaky toy to the player or players.  Have them squeak it before they answer as soon as they know the word they’re supposed to say!

Baby Shower Taboo Game

Baby Shower Taboo Game

Photos Credit: Cityline

This game can be a lot of fun and get very animated by the person trying to get the player to say the correct word.  Alternatively, you can assign multiple teams of two players.

One person on each team will be the one guessing the word, and the other person on the team will be the one giving clues as to what the given word is that he or she needs to say.

The team that gets the most answers correct within a set amount of time wins a prize!

Here’s a video of the baby shower games described above by Cityline.


Guess The Gender Game

Guess The Gender Game

Photo Credit: Babycenter

When planning baby shower games for a baby that’s gender is still unknown, it may be a great idea to play a game called Guess the Gender.

Wrap one box with pink wrapping paper, and another box with blue paper.  Leave index cards or small pieces of paper and pens, and ask the guests to write their guess as to what the baby’s gender will be and sign the card.

Then, make sure there is a slit in the top of each box for the guests to drop in their secret vote for the parents-to be to read!


Guess Mom’s Belly Size

Guess Mom's Belly Size Game

Photo Credit: Babycenter

Depending on how comfortable the Mom-to-be is with this, another baby shower game is Guess Mom’s Belly Size.

For this game you’ll need some yarn that matches the various colors of the baby shower party in decorative bowls, tins or containers, a ruler, and a pair of scissors.

Have the guests take a guess at the size of her bump by cutting some yarn that would fit around her belly and placing their guess in an envelop with their name on the front of it.

The Mom-to-be then opens the envelopes in front of the guests.  She takes out each string and puts it around her bump to measure either how far off, or right on the money each guess was!

The guest(s) with the closest guess wins a prize!

Encouraging Diaper Changing Notes

Late-Night Diaper Change Game

Photo Credit: Babycenter

New parents will be up throughout the night changing diapers and feeding a newborn every 2 – 3 hours.  It’s time for some encouragement!

For this activity, lay out some new diapers and some colorful permanent markers.

Have each guest write an encouraging note on each diaper, and then put them in a nice basket for the new parents to read throughout the night!


Speed Diaper Changing Game

Speed Diaper Change Game

Photo Credit: Babycenter

Next up, is the speed diaper changing game!

For this game, you need two or more babies on a table, some diapers and a stopwatch.  Most smartphones have stopwatches built right in the clock app.

Simply line up guests and a competing partner and time how quickly they can change a diaper!  The guest that gets the fastest time wins the game!


Make Play Dough Babies

Make Babies Out Of Dough Game

Photo Credit: Babycenter

To play this game, first either get a few colors of play-doh and put them out in different bowls so that each bowl has its own color of play-doh.

Or, if you’d rather, you can make your own homemade play-doh using the recipe here, and just separate clumps of your dough and color each section in a bowl with a drop or two of food coloring.

Guests will have a laugh as they try their hand at molding and creating a baby using simple colored dough and even some ribbon and household items.

The mom-to-be can vote on her favorite baby and award the artist a prize.

Alternatively, if the mom-to-be feels uncomfortable with voting, then the guests can vote on which baby turned out the best using whatever criteria you decide.


      Write Words Of Wisdom For New Parents

Words Of Wisdom For New Parents Game

Photo Credit: Babycenter

For some moms this will be their very first experience into parenthood, for others, this may be the 4th, 5th or 6th or more time around.  Nevertheless, you’ve heard the saying that says “two heads are better than one,” this activity is one that seeks to collect wisdom from everyone at the baby shower.

When including this activity on your list of baby shower games, you’ll likely gain wisdom from people who maybe have never experienced motherhood yet and may have a fresh, helpful perspective.

You’ll get a mixture of knowledge from experienced moms, and also perhaps you’ll be lucky enough to gain insights from matriarchs and patriarchs that have raised their own children successfully, and are now hands-on with their grandchildren or great-grandchildren.

Here’s a video of the above baby shower games mentioned by Babycenter

Time Capsule

Baby shower games

Photo Credit: Keeping Up With The Morgans

This activity can be extremely meaningful to include on your list of baby shower games.  You could leave index cards and envelopes for people to write a note to the baby, and a prediction about what he or she will be when they’re all grown up.

The parents can choose to collect all of the notes and put them into an actual time capsule and read them when the baby is older.

The Price Is Right

Photo Credit: YouTube, Honorable Events & Design

To play “The Price is Right” as a baby shower game, you’ll need to have several items that a baby would need laid out on a table.

Include price tags of the possible amount that you might expect to pay at the store to purchase these baby items.

You then ask each of your guests to they and guess how much every item on the table costs individually.

Give each player a small piece of paper and a pencil to record their answers.  The player with the most amount of correct answers wins a prize!

How Many Kisses

Photo Credit: YouTube, Honorable Events & Design

You’ll need a large bag of Hershey’s Kisses to play this game.  First, dump out each piece of candy (try your best not to eat one) and count how many pieces of chocolate kisses there are.

Record your answer in a secret place.  Find a large, clear, attractive jar and place a bag of Hershey’s Kisses in it.

Leave small pieces of paper and pencils on the table for each guest to record their answer.  The person with the closest answer wins the prize!

Make A Headband For The Baby

Fun Baby Shower Games

Photo Credit: YouTube, Honorable Events & Design

For this you’ll need several plain, cloth headbands.  Place them in a decorative container.  You’ll also need some bows, ribbon, and other non-chokable embellishments.

And finally, you’ll need a hot glue gun.  Ask your guests to use their creativity and imagination to create the new baby girl a headband by gluing the embellishments onto the cloth headbands to create a stylish design for the baby to wear.

Blindfolded Diaper Changing Game

Photo Credit: YouTube, Honorable Events & Design

     For this game, place a couple of baby dolls on a table along with blindfolds, and diapers.  Tie the blindfold around the eyes of your players and see who can change their doll the fastest…correctly!

Wishes For Baby

Photo Credit: YouTube, Honorable Events & Design

     Have a station set up at your baby shower where you have a pretty printable available for each guest to fill out wishes for the new baby.  They can be dropped into a box for the expectant parents to read later.

 Suggest Names For The Baby

Photo Credit: YouTube, Honorable Events & Design

    Set up either one large box, or if the baby’s gender is still unknown, then set up two boxes or containers for guests to drop their name suggestions in!

Guess The Baby’s Birthdate & Stats!

Funny baby Shower Games

Have a station set up where guests at your baby shower can guess the exact day the baby will be born, his or her name, the time of birth, the baby’s height and weight.

To watch the baby shower games video from  Honorable Events & Design click below


Baby Shower Games – Scoop The Cotton Balls

For this funny baby shower game you’ll need some cotton balls, a container, timer, blindfold, a spoon and a willing participant.

Blindfold the player, start the timer and see how many cotton balls he or she can scoop into the basket within a given amount of time.

Suggested time is 60 seconds.  The player with the most amount of cotton balls in the container wins!

To watch the video of this game in action from TheEllingtonsVlog click below.


Baby Shower Games – In Her Shoes

Fun Baby Shower Games

Photo Credit: YouTube, Dj iLLusion

Fun baby shower games are everywhere!  Set up chairs in a row to accommodate for all of the men at your party.  Line up the guys and ask them to remove their shoes and place them beside their chair.

Have them inflate a balloon and place it under their shirt.  Be careful not to pop it!

On the count of 3 have all of the players sit down in their chairs and try to bend over, put their shoes on and tie them!

The player that can do this the fastest without popping their balloon wins!  If there are no men at your party, non-pregnant women can play this game too!

To watch this game being played, just click on the video below from Dj iLLusion

Baby Shower Activity – Onesie Iron Ons

baby shower games

Photo Credit: Seevanessacraft

A classy baby shower activity that you may want to include is to decorate onesies with iron on transfers.

Prepare Onesies For Baby Shower Activity

First, find plain onesies in various colors. Or consider buying a large pack of white onesies and using fabric dye to make the exact colors from your party.

Make sure to wash them in a baby safe detergent afterwards before decorating them.

Select & Print Royalty Free Images For Baby Shower Activity

Next, purchase Avery iron on transfer paper for printers.

Finally, look for royalty free images that go with your theme and download these images.

(For example, if your theme is woodland creatures, try searching for “royalty free woodland animals” or “royalty free woodland creatures printable”.)

Once you find what you’re looking for, download and save them to your computer.

Now you’re ready to load your Avery transfer paper into your printer, and print your images onto it!

Set Up Table For Baby Shower Activity

So just cut out the images, have them ready for your guests to pick and choose from in order to decorate the perfect onesie!

And have a table ready and a couple of irons for guests to iron on the design.

A sign like the one below would be helpful to explain how to iron on the decal according to the directions on your transfer paper package.


baby shower games

Photo Credit: Seevanessacraft

baby shower activity

Photo Credit: Seevanessacraft

Make sure to include tags that your guests can pin onto the onesie so the Mom-to-be knows who made it!


Now that you’ve found a few baby shower games that you’d like to include at the party, you may also be wondering how to get yourself ready for the big event.

If you have medium to long hair, we have a Kate Middleton inspired party hairstyle tutorial here, and a soft and delicate baby shower makeup look here for your ease and convenience!

Remember, at Youtiful, it’s all about YOU.  We’re here so you can have a “no stress, just bless™” peace of mind.


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