Baby Shower Decorations Ideas | Balloon Pacifier in Under 2 Minutes!!

Baby shower decorations ideas

baby shower decorations ideas

Looking for baby shower decorations ideas? The picture and video tutorial you’re about to see of this balloon pacifier by Youtiful™ will have you cooing and clapping and to ready to make yours too!

Items Needed:

One 260 Balloon – Color of Choice

One Clear 11″ Outer Balloon

One Geo Blossom Balloon

One 9″ Latex Balloon – Color of Choice

Helium Tank

Balloon String

Baby Shower Decorations Ideas | Easy Balloon Pacifier



Baby shower decorations ideas

First, lay out your balloon supplies listed above to make your balloon pacifier.

Making The Balloon Pacifier Top

baby shower decorations ideas

Next, roll up your colored latex balloon tightly and insert it into your clear balloon with the neck of the balloons inside of each other as shown below.

baby shower balloon decorations

This is an example of how it should appear.

baby shower balloon decoration ideas

Now, just grab your helium tank to add some magic!  Filling just one balloon at a time, you’re going to start with adding helium to the colored inner balloon first.

baby shower decorations ideas

And then hold the neck of the colored balloon with two fingers while you pull out the neck of the clear balloon to place over the nozzle of your helium tank to fill next.

baby shower balloon decoration ideas

And now you should have a colored balloon inside of a clear balloon!  See it all coming together quickly?  You’re looking like a pro already!

baby shower decoration ideas

Next, pull out the neck of your inner balloon, and tie it around the neck of the outer balloon to seal off both balloons.  Set it aside. Hint, it will float to the top of whatever room you’re in, so perhaps put it in a nearby closet until you’re ready for it again. 😉

Making The Balloon Pacifier Handle

baby shower balloon decorations ideas

Then just take your long, 260 balloon and tie a knot in the end about 2 inches from the bottom of the balloon.

balloon pacifier

And tie that 2″ section of your 260 balloon around the neck of your double inflated balloons you just set aside.  You’re doing great, Mama!

baby shower decorations ideas

Next, inflate your Geo Blossom balloon.  (Isn’t that pretty?)

baby shower decoration DIY

And, now, thread the 260 balloon through the center of your Geo Blossom balloon.

baby shower decoration DIY

To make the handle of your pacifier, you can either add air to your 260 balloon with a helium tank, or with a non-helium air pump.  (I added air with a non-helium air pump here, but it didn’t float as long as it could have if I chose to add air with my helium tank instead.  It did still float nice and high for a couple of hours.  So, next time I’ll probably add helium to my pacifier handle instead.)

baby shower decorations ideas

Then, tie off the end of your 260 balloon with a simple knot.

baby shower decorations ideas

And thread the end of it up through the center of your Geo Blossom balloon.  Be prepared for some squeaky balloon sounds at this step, and keep – pushing – through until the end of it can be grabbed from the top of your Geo Blossom balloon.  See picture below.

baby shower balloon decoration ideas

Finally, you’re going to tie the two ends together to keep your handle nice and secure.

The Finished Balloon Pacifier!

baby shower decorations ideas

And voila!!  You did it!!  You made a professional balloon pacifier for a baby shower!  Would you like to watch the video tutorial of us making our baby shower decorations ideas video for you of this balloon pacifier?  Click on the video below!

If you enjoyed this easy baby shower decorations ideas tutorial and want to refer to it later, pin it to your favorite Pinterest board, and then you’ll always have it!

With this new skill, you now can decorate your own baby shower, a friend’s or a client’s!  You can interchange the colors of the pacifier, or opt to leave out the clear balloon if you’d rather.  Make it according to your own needs!

And since you’re planning a baby shower, have a look at our baby shower games and activities article we wrote with videos and step-by-step tutorials of an awesome assortment of games/activities to fit any venue.

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